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Media Articles

Still at 15, "My dream is to have a mother"
Sacramento Bee, "Heart Gallery Features Sacramento-Area Kids Who Need Permanent Homes" - by Cynthia Hubert, Published: November 8, 2011
Sacramento Bee, "Older Children In Need of Adoptive Homes" - by Niesha Lofing, Published: November 16, 2009
Sacramento Bee, "Mommy.me: Adoptions create joy, family" - by Niesha Lofing, Published: November 10, 2009
Sacramento Bee, "Photo exhibit focuses on kids awaiting happy endings" - by Niesha Lofing, Published: November 6, 2009
The Sacramento Bee, "Kids Fill Her Heart"
by Anita Creamer, Published: December 14, 2008 Issue

The Sacramento Bee, "Living Here"
by Gamaliel Ortiz, Published: November 5, 2008 Issue

St. Petersburg Times, "The Girl In The Window" - by Lane DeGregory, Published: July 31, 2008
The Folsom Telegraph, "Expectant Mom Doesn’t Know How Old Her Child Will Be"
by Mary Chou, Special to the Telegraph , Published: May 27, 2008 Issue

The Sacramento Bee, "Volunteer Profile: Gallery Wants You to Have a Heart"
by Gloria Glyer , Published: June 5, 2008 Issue

FosteringFamiliesToday.com , "...But Now I See "
by Michael Monroe (Focus), Published: May/June 2008 Issue

Inside Publications , "Finding Your Child"
by Terry Kaufman, Published: May 1, 2008 Issue

The Sacramento Bee, "The Children of the Heart Gallery"
by Alison apRoberts, Published: November 10, 2007 Issue

Kid Around Magazine, "Becoming Mom"
Published: November/December 2006 Issue

Sacramento Parent Magazine, "Meant to Be" - by Juliana Pugliese
Published: November 2006 Issue

ABC News, 20/20 , "Adoptive Dad Says Don't Be Afraid of Older Kids" - by Emily Friedman, Published: June 2, 2006 Issue
Sacramento Bee, "Portraits of Hope" - by Alison apRoberts
Published: November 5 , 2005

parade.com, "Your Hearts Reached Out" - by Sara Brzowsky
Published: April 17, 2005

ABC News, "Person of the Week: Heart Galleries"
Published: April 1, 2005 Issue

parade.com, "Their Faces Spoke to the Heart " - by Rosemary Zibart Published: January 2, 2005
Camera Arts, "Photographers Spread the Message, Art Galleries Around the Nation" - by Alethea Mock, Published: 2004

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